Sam Mikel

Scott Mikel & Associates, Real Estate, Restoration and Remodeling. Scott and Sam Mikel are long time real estate agents in Clark County. They are well known for their friendly, casual, and careful approach to listing and selling real estate. . . with a sprinkle of humor and perhaps a touch of sarcasm. Scott prefers the remodeling side. . . and Sam prefers the sales and listing side. Scott can do either. . . but we'll suggest that Sam stick to real estate.

Scott or/and Sam have been voted as one of the "Columbian's Best" every year since 2009 when they started the contest. We have great customers mostly because we really try to avoid working with jerks. Over 60 years combined experience does make a difference. We'd love to meet you and help you walk through your next steps in either selling, purchasing or remodeling. References gladly provided.

6910 Carolina Lane
Vancouver, Washington 98664
United States
(360) 921-0068